Wide Angle Phone Lens

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Improve your phones ability to capture beautiful photos, giving a wider view so you can capture more. Easily attaching to any device it gives a unique advantage over most mobile photographers.

A camera replacement app such as Lightroom, Reeflex, Halide or ProCamera may be required for phones in the iPhone 13 & 14 series to manually switch between lenses.



  • Works across iPhone, Samsung, Oppo & Huawei devices
  • Simple design allows for instant setup
  • Precision tooled aluminium enclosure
  • Machine polished optical grade glass
  • Crystal Nano coating for scratch protection
  • 5 Year global warranty

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Works on any phone

Easily clip onto any phone or tablet, no extras required.

What does a wide angle do?

In the box

1. Universal Adaptor 2. Wide Angle Lens 3. Lens Caps

Professional Grade Quality

All of our lenses are designed and made to the highest of standards, bringing Precision Optics to the smartphones for the first time.

We believe the lenses should not only look great, but be long lasting and extremely durable. For this reason we are the only smartphone lens maker to include 5 years warranty.


Tech Specs

  • Multi Layer Crystal Nano Coating
  • Aperture: f2.0
  • Material : Aerospace Aluminium

Wide Angle

  • Width 0.6x (22mm)


Struman Optics

3 reviews for Wide Angle Phone Lens

  1. Charles Holland

    It is worth its price. I love struman lens , I only really bought it for the wide lens. I can take more of the background in my pictures now, which is great. I read in other reviews and thought how could it be that good, I did get a slight lens buldge but I noticed if I spend a little extra time focusing the lens exactly on my centring my subject, it isn’t noticeable. Obviously that’s not the case with the fisheye I guess will let you know once I buy that too I have a case on my iPhone 6s, but the lens still fits fine. I wish it came in a box/case instead of a bag, I guesss thats why the set comes with at hard case because now I have to be extra careful about it, but it doesn’t bother me too much.

  2. Samantha Leortard

    The quality of the Struman case for the iphone XS Max, clip and the lens itself are superior. The lens threads onto the case and you then have a very solid feeling “camera” ready to shoot. with the help of the clip I also used the wide angle on the front camera. The sharpness and field of vision of the lens are fantastic never again miss a face in that group selfie!!

  3. Chuck Thomas

    This is a great piece of equipment and very solidly built. I have used it for a few months now and the sporting videos like running I use the lens and a gimble during video shooting. I just shot a Camping Video entirely with it and no stabilization and watched it on a projecter and no issues it really makes a diffence having the wide angle with large mountains water falls and high old trees.

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