All Struman Optics products are compatible with any smartphone or tablet. Unlike other products, compatibility with your devices and your life is always our goal.

Our unique and durable Universal Adapter ensures our lenses are forever compatible with any device you have now or in the future. No more wasting money on new accessories for compatibility. Memories are forever—the lenses you use to capture them should be too!

A. Yes! Our German-engineered universal adapter isn’t just for phones! It’s also for tablets—because you deserve quality photos with every mobile device you own! Our lenses are designed to eliminate blurry photos and increase your reach on any mobile device.

The only thing you need is a willingness to take photos! All our products are made with you in mind, so our superior and durable German-engineered lenses are easy to use, and require ZERO technical knowledge. As a bonus with this offer, we include fun, short, and easy to understand tutorials and a detailed eBook with each lens purchase.

Absolutely! Our products work with dual cameras, including the latest iPhone 14 and Samsung S23 series —and any tablet. A camera replacement app such as Lightroom, Reeflex, Halide or ProCamera may be required for phones in the iPhone 13 & 14 series to manually switch between lenses.

Keep your case on! Unlike other smartphone lenses, our German-designed universal adapter works with & without cases, including the popular Lifeproof and Otterbox cases, so you don’t have to choose between protection and photography.

Struman Lenses are made for the road, constructed with aircraft aluminium alloy. While light to carry and extremely durable, the glass is cushioned with high-density rubber to take the impact of accidental drops. The glass also features multiple layers of scratch-resistant coating with lens caps for dust protection. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind in your purchase with our 5 year international warranty.
Regardless of where you’re using the products—or where in the world you purchased from—all verified purchases are protected for 5 full years from the purchase date! Breaks, cracks, scratches—we’ll repair or replace your products under warranty. Just contact us to get started.

Struman lenses are a sealed unit, and while they’re not designed to be underwater, our customers have taken them out and captured some amazing footage and photos in rain, in snow, and even while skiing.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee (Not including return postage). With your busy lifestyle, it can take time to have a good go and to get to know the lenses. If for any reason you don’t love them, just contact us to organise a hassle-free return within 30 days. (For purchases on this website only)

We’re an Australian company, with passionate staff who love talking about photography. You can send an email any time to have your specific questions answered. Or if you prefer a chat, just give us a call! And be assured that our people talk in plain english—not technical jargon!

This surprised us, we originally thought our customers would all be tech-savvy smartphone users—but it’s the opposite! True camera lovers with traditional cameras have embraced our lenses as a new medium for taking their next great photo. While the lenses may not be a total replacement of their existing camera, they love the flexibility of a small, easy package. It’s lighter and easier to use in most circumstances than a traditional camera—without sacrificing quality.

Struman Optics have been around for over 10 years. As cameras on mobile phones are a relatively new concept, at Struman Advanced Optics we’ve been developing the lenses since Samsung 2 and iPhone 3. Even though the cameras in early smartphones were very basic—really just an add on feature—at Struman we realised its potential, and predicted smartphones replacing alarm clocks, calculators, torch lights, and watches. We saw the writing on the wall for cameras and camcorders, and wanted to help change the photographic world! We developed our optic lenses for the future, realising them as the best companion for smartphones—improving quality hugely.

We use Australia Post with Track & Trace features, you will receive a tracking number when it has been dispatched. For our customers from Australia we also offer free shipping!

Good question, as many wouldn’t think to investigate—they’d just buy cheaper lenses, only to be disappointed. Lenses work by basically changing the way the smartphone camera sensors receive light. Lenses change the angled light and the amount of light and reducing glare etc. Smartphone cameras are getting better by the day—high megapixels, even 4K videos—you need a lens that builds on what your smartphone camera can do. Inferior lenses are mass produced as a gimmick and sold on hype—not quality. At Struman, we’re a lens company specialising in smartphone photography—and we practice what we preach.
All the photos on this website were taken by us and our customers exclusively on smartphones using Struman lenses, even our product photos displayed here are taken by mobile phones. Struman lenses are highly regarded by by even die hard professional photographers and recommended and used in smartphone photography training schools. Even video footage shot with our lens on a smartphone is used by reporters from Channel 7 , Nine and ABC.
At Struman we cut out the middleman—we manufacture and bring the camera quality lenses for your smartphone at an affordable price, with a great 5 year guarantee, and an easy-to-understand video course and eBook. We’re a fully Australian-owned and based company with an after sales service program.
The proof is in the pudding—we’re passionate about our lenses, and confident you’ll love and enjoy the quality of Struman lenses as much as we do. That’s why we offer a 30 day trial money back guarantee..

Thinking of buying?

Each purchase includes a complimentary 5 part video course and an eBook. Covering the basics of taking photos on your phone and how to get the most out of your Struman Lenses