Macro Phone Lens Kit


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Due to popular demand, the ultimate macro package, includes both of Struman’s Macro Lenses.

HD Macro: Best for ultra close up shots of Nature, Medical, Insurance, Engineering & Education.

Cinematic Macro: A slightly wider macro with manual focus to allow complete control of the frame.

A camera replacement app such as Lightroom, Reeflex, Halide or ProCamera may be required for phones in the iPhone 13, 14 & 15 series to manually switch between lenses.




  • Works across iPhone, Samsung, Oppo & Huawei devices
  • Simple design allows for instant setup
  • Precision tooled aluminium enclosure
  • Machine polished optical grade glass
  • Crystal Nano coating for scratch protection
  • 5 Year global warranty



  • HD Macro
  • Cinematic Macro
  • Universal Adaptor (For all iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, +)
  • Lens Caps
  • Carry Pouch

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In the set

1. Cinematic Macro 2. HD Macro 3. Cleaning Cloth 4. Carry Pouch 5. Lens Caps 6. Universal Adaptor

Tech Specs

  • Multi Layer Crystal Nano Coating
  • Aperture: f2.0
  • Material : Aerospace Aluminium


  • Width  (10mm)
  • Magnification 2.8x

Cinematic Macro

  • Magnification: 1x (focal length equal to 22-82mm)
  • Angle 53°
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 31.10mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 28mm

Video or photo

Struman’s Cinematic range have found a place with some of the leading industry professionals.

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“I have trialled nearly every product out there and there is no doubt Struman lenses are the best of the best. I use the lenses nearly every day now as I hunt and compile news stories. The pictures I can now shoot on my phone are so good we run them on TV... and no body knows it was shot on a phone. What’s more, being able to create broadcast quality content on my phone makes it so much easier when uploading digital content for social media channels."
Rob Morrison
Channel 9
"Struman Optics lenses gives me the flexibility to work with a Cinematic Wide lens in the pocket format. The macro lenses allow me to capture environments with amazing attention to detail. During the last ten years I produced two mobile/smartphone documentary feature films and more than a dozen smartphone and mobile short films, which are screened at film festivals, exhibited in galleries and broadcasted on TV. Pocket size equipment for the big screen can push the smartphone filmmaking aesthetics and create novel relationships with characters and audiences alike."
Max Schleser
MINA Co-Founder
"My two greatest creative passions are filmmaking and photography and to have a set of lenses that can fit in my pocket is invaluable. My last film was shot predominately with the Struman Cinematic Wide and Telelens and to see the crisp imagery on the big screen at the Events Cinemas in Sydney was a sight to behold. All lenses are extremely well made with high quality glass and are a constant companion whether I’m on location on a documentary set or capturing memories with my family"
Adrian Jeffs
"As a professional smartphone photography trainer, I can only recommend the best in accessories. Comparing all the marketed brands, Struman Optics have my strongest endorsement in product development and customer service."
Mike James
Smartphone Photography Training

Works on any phone

Easily clip onto any phone or tablet, no extras required.


Struman Optics


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