Did You Know This Secret About Your SmartPhone?

Here’s What Smartphone Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Cameras on mobile devices have fixed, tiny sensors. These small and permanent sensors are what pick up color, movement, and lines in photos and video. Because these sensors are so small, they have a limited range for any images they capture.

“Scenarios that are particularly tricky for smartphone cameras and their small sensors: scenes with high contrast, backlighting or substantial vibration.”

-Evan Rodgers,

Even in the most advanced smartphone cameras, there are limitations and technical headaches. Each smartphone has its pros and cons There’s no good solution across the board for the tiny sensors that are in smartphone cameras. And cell phone manufacturers want to keep you in the dark about this
Heavyweight brands like Samsung say --
“Take Professional-Quality Photos With Your Phone With Galaxy S9”
And Apple boasts, “more advanced cameras” in its iPhone 8 But they’re going to say their cameras are the best That’s Their Job… Get You to Buy

Their job ISN’T –

Tell you the truth about the Quality of their cameras compared to Real, Lasting-Quality Camera Photos

Because consumers are people just like you
Who prefer Facts Over Fluff
To give you the information you need
To Capture the Moments That Matter Most

They’ll tell you that even the ‘most advanced’ smartphone cameras don’t match up to the power and quality of a DSLR camera.
Their small sensors just can’t handle the full range that’s required for true quality-enhancing photos.

Even with 12 mexapixels or more, smartphone cameras do “not match the image quality of a DSLR camera…”

-Bree Fowler,

Cell phone manufacturers will NEVER tell you this – because they’re in the business of taking your hard-earned money for ‘just enough’ quality
They want you to buy their latest models, upgrade early, and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of accessories for each and every upgrade that you get (planned obsolescence)…
All to have decent photos that don’t match the image quality of a DSLR camera
Even with the best of the best that your money can buy, the quality just isn’t the same
And cell phone manufacturers know it
So they give you more megapixels to produce Minimum Quality Results
Cheating you out of your forever memories
Tiny sensors have to be built into smartphone cameras. There’s just no way to enlarge the sensors for such a compact device.
And that means there’s no way that your smartphone camera will ever measure up to every feature of a DSLR camera
For all its power, features, and mobility, the smartphone’s housing is just too small for larger sensors that deliver professional quality
It seems there’s just no option for a better smartphone camera…
Except to Demand Better

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Cell phone manufacturers don’t want you to capture moments in professional quality.

Instead, they want to keep you running around in circles for the best shots, giving you filters and low-quality effects, hoping you won’t notice the difference.

You can Demand More from your smartphone camera without the technical hassle of a traditional DSLR

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