This ONE Gift is Transforming Families, Bringing People Closer, and Celebrating Lives

This breakthrough tool is altering the way we connect, celebrate, and view the world

Right now, your memories are housed just about everywhere: your laptop, digital camera, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, your smartphone. The era of selfies and social media have taken over our lives, with families texting, tweeting, and @ing each other even when they’re in the same house. When you’re on vacation, or just having lunch with your loved ones, the perfect moment must be shared…

Or else the Moment Didn’t Happen

Take after take to eliminate blurs, shaking hands, or everyday obstructions like that one guy who walked through your perfect shot just as you snapped it.

All the while your memory-making moments are slipping away as you try to record your adventures in color and clarity.

Moments last for just seconds at a time, so you’ve got to be ready to roll out your camera when it counts to keep the memories you want to cherish.

And your camera has to capture it all – with great quality – the first time

Just in case the moment’s gone on the second take

Insert Photos Here

Squabbles erupt on trips with family, friends, and loved ones about who’s the best photographer, why someone wasn’t in a photo, or what’s a better background, disrupting your peace of mind and ruining happy moments.

Turning the gift of lasting memories into bursts of chaos

*insert photo of unhappy group or family*

All because your camera wasn’t quick enough, clear enough, or powerful enough during just one moment… even if it captured most of the others
Treasured memories just get lost in digital translation unless you bring a DSLR camera…
Even though it’s too Heavy, Complicated, and Technically Difficult to set up and use everywhere you go
But what if your mobile phone could mimic a DLSR camera?
What if your memories could be captured in Clarity, Color, and Professional Quality?
*insert happy, quality photo*

WITHOUT the hassles of being

Too complicated to understand
Too heavy to carry around OR
- Too difficult to use
- What if you could have all the power of a DSLR camera with the mobility of your smartphone?
- What if your memories, moments, and life’s magic could last forever in living color?
- The Gift of Perfect Memories shouldn’t be only for professional photographers
- Celebrating Life is for Everyone
- And now, it’s available to everyone, right from your smartphone
- Struman Optics’ professional grade mobile lenses attach to your phone to give you a DSLR camera on the go!
- Wherever life takes you:

*insert photos*

The Gift of Lasting Memories captured in Professional Quality, Right in the Palm of your hand

No need for:

Technical know-how

Endlessly confusing tutorials

Or heavy equipment to carry around

Just Simple Snap-And-Click mobile lenses to capture forever moments

Attach Struman Optics’ mobile lenses to any smartphone or tablet for limitless mobility and unparalleled professional photo quality

Give the Gift of Forever Memories to everyone you love with clear and quality photographs to share

And even if you decide to upgrade your phone, Struman Optics mobile lenses are the gift that keeps giving

100% Compatibility with ANY Smartphone or Tablet for life

You’ll never need to shell out extra money for adaptable parts or to wonder if your new devices will work with your lenses

Capture your angelic grandkids, your perfect pets, cherished loved ones and more –

*insert quality photos*

ProSeries Kit

$ 249.00 AUD


21x Prime Lens with ProSeries Kit

$ 399.00 AUD


14x Prime Lens with ProSeries Kit

$ 349.00 AUD



Take in the full view of monumental landscapes, exquisite scenes, and group photos with the Wide Angle Lens


Use the Fisheye lens to create spherical effects and unique selfies


A kit for every occasion to treasure the moments that matter most.
Wondering about compatibility?

Struman Optics German-engineered Universal Adapter ensures Lifetime Compatibility for any and every smartphone or tablet you’ll ever own, even if you upgrade your device.

Worried about your phone’s protection?
Struman Optics Universal Adapter makes its PRO SERIES lens easy to use with even the most obstructing cases, including Otterbox and Lifeproof cases

Cell phone manufacturers don’t want you to capture moments in professional quality.

Instead, they want to keep you running around in circles for the best shots, giving you filters and low-quality effects, hoping you won’t notice the difference.

You can Demand More from your smartphone camera without the technical hassle of a traditional DSLR

Capture the fine details of your garden, home, or crafts with the Macro Lens

Have Questions?
All Struman Optics products are compatible with any smartphone or tablet. Unlike other products, compatibility with your devices and your life is always our goal.

Our unique and durable Universal Adapter ensures our lenses are forever compatible with any device you have now or in the future. No more wasting money on new accessories for compatibility. Memories are forever, the lenses you use to capture them should be too!

The only thing you need is a willingness to take photos! All of our products are Made with You in Mind, so our superior and durable German engineered lenses are easy to use and require ZERO technical knowledge. As a bonus just for you, we include fun, short, and easy to understand tutorials with a “Get Started” card with each lens purchase.

Absolutely! Our products work with dual cameras, including the latest iPhone 10 and Samsung Note 8.  

Keep your case on! Unlike other mobile lenses, our German designed Universal Adapter works with & without cases, including the popular Lifeproof and Otterbox cases, so you don’t have to choose between protection and photography.  

Enjoy peace of mind in your purchase with our 5 year International warranty. Regardless of where you’re using the products or where in the world you purchased from, all verified purchases are protected for 5 full years from the purchase date. Breaks, cracks, scratches, and all, we’ll repair or replace your products under the warranty period. Just contact us to get started.

We’re confident that you’ll love our products so much, we offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Just test the lenses out, play with them, snap selfies to your heart’s content for the full 60 days… and if for some reason you don’t love them after sixty days of your purchase, just email to start the refund process, no questions asked!

You deserve memories that take your breath away and make you smile from your heart, every time you look at them. You deserve to remember your grandkids playing, great times with friends, falling in love with your spouse, and special moments with family over and over again.

You Deserve Moments That Last Forever

  • Choose Good Times

  • Choose Great People

  • Choose a Lifetime of Special Moments

  • Choose Forever Memories