Made with You in Mind


At Struman Optics, we strive to get it right. No blurry photos, difficult equipment, or confusing technology standing between you and better camera photos on your phone. Our lenses were born from the frustrations in photography.

Our director, Peter, found himself exhausted with the massive amount of equipment he needed to lug around as a photographer. There was always a heavy body, a lens (or five), a charger, more than one battery, and then need to remember to pack all his equipment in a large and heavy carrying case. Even when he remembered all his gear, setup took too long and sometimes he missed the shot. Swapping out lenses, adjusting for light, recharging batteries, and carrying everything everywhere he went… it was just too much.
Not to mention the extra time it takes to download, resize, and edit photos before he could even share them with family, Facebook, or friends.



So, he switched to his mobile phone. But the pictures weren’t the same. They lacked the clarity, focus, and amazing colour quality of an SLR. Even with effects and filter options, it just didn’t live up to a full camera with lens swapping ability. Blurry photos, boring backgrounds, and poor colours weren’t enough for the memories he loved.


Peter looked into mobile lenses, but the options were dismal. He couldn’t use them with his Lifeproof case or screen protector, leaving his phone open to severe damage when using them. He would have to get new lenses any time he upgraded, and couldn’t share his lenses with family or friends when they came to visit.



Peter decided there had to be a better way. That people should be able to demand more from their smartphone camera.


That lenses should be High Quality and Create Better Photos, Regardless of the Phone you’re using.


Out of his frustration and the sore lack of quality options, Peter built Struman Optics. He had three goals:

  • Easy to carry
  • An excellent camera substitute
  • Be able to work on any mobile phone or tablet


Together with a German engineering firm, Struman Optics researched and tested for seven years to create mobile lenses Made with You in Mind.

Today, Struman stands by these company values to Create the Memories You Deserve to Keep:





SLR camera quality


You deserve to Demand More from your mobile camera, with lenses that enhance the memories you capture. Because life’s moments deserve to be remembered.

Struman Optics lenses are built for all your devices, regardless of the case you use, the upgrades you make, or the kind of device you have. Your smartphone or tablet is forever compatible for because memories last forever. Struman gives you total control of the memories you keep for the life you cherish.

Create a lifetime of moments with lenses that are Made with You in Mind.