Documentary and Film Makers

Struman Lenses are easy-to-use and attach to ANY smartphone including iPhone, Samsung, Android and even tablets for professional photos in seconds! 
Imagine you could take the great quality of a big camera, and match it with the ease of use, and portability of your smartphone.
Easily attach to iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei & more. Capture photos and videos that previously were only possible on full sized cameras.

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CPL Filter & Lens Hood for Cinematic Series

Lens Hood A lens hood, attaches to the front of your lens and blocks stray light from causing flare in your photographs. Also provides additional protection from accidental damage. CPL...


Cinematic Macro

Struman's new Cinematic Macro is the first ever smartphone macro with a variable focal length. Joining the Cinematic lineup, the new variable macro can accomodate for a wide variety of...



Cinematic Wide

Capture real life in sharp cinema quality and high definition colour



Cinematic Portrait Lens


21x Prime Lens

Photograph faraway scenes in perfect detail with the 21x optical zoom lens, ideal for concerts and sporting events and facial portraits.



Platinum Smartphone Lens Package

The Platinum Package includes all of our highest quality lenses, no matter the application there is a lens to suit.