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Explore with Fisheye


Creativity depends on seeing the world differently from everyone else. Looking at things from a new angle, finding a novel perspective that allows you to innovate and break new ground. For any creative artist, the strength of your art hinges on allowing your unique vision to shine through your work, so you can show your audience how you see things and let them look through your eyes to gain new insights.


That’s why Struman’s fisheye lens is perfect for finding that revolutionary, never-before-seen approach to give your photography the special something that sets it apart from the pack. The fisheye lens lets you bend light and capture your surroundings in ways that an ordinary lens just can’t, allowing you to unlock the potential of your smartphone camera. Just clip on Struman’s universal adapter and screw in the fisheye lens, and your phone camera will be able to do things that it never could before. The spherical effects give your phone a creative edge, letting your photography explore the environment from a new direction.


Use the fisheye lens to capture the hidden spirit of a city, as buildings twist and warp to reveal a new realm. Or discover a connection with the curvature of the Earth as your photos gain new depth and texture. However you choose to use it, Struman’s fisheye lens is the tool of choice for anyone who wants to delve into artistic photography using a camera that fits in their pocket. It’s the ideal marriage of elegance and convenience.

Close Up with Macro


People say that the devil is in the details, but they don’t talk enough about just how beautiful the details are. The intricate, minute details of the natural world are an abundant source of wonder – just ask anyone who’s ever looked at an insect, leaf or flower under a magnifying glass. The dazzling mosaic formed by individual grains of sand, the sparkle of a gem, the texture of feathers, skin, or scales. Over the past two decades, the resolution of our televisions, phones, and computer screens has grown rapidly – in part because people seek to capture the depth of the world on their screens, and want to be able to preserve the microscopic glamour of nature.


At the same time, our photographic equipment has also advanced in leaps and bounds, with extremely powerful cameras now being included in standard-issue smartphones. However, these cameras don’t have the necessary lenses to make full use of their ability to resolve details. That’s where the Struman macro lens comes in.


The macro lens attaches easily to your smartphone or other device via a clip-on universal adapter, and lets you take snaps on your phone that expose the brilliance of nature at the tiniest of scales. With Struman’s technology, your device achieves the power of a magnifying glass, expanding the microcosm of an anthill to the city that it really is. Be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, the macro lens lets you photograph your subject in perfect detail. Because we know that you don’t want to overlook the little things.

A Lens to Suit Any Task


You don’t just take one type of photo, and you shouldn’t use just one type of lens. At Struman, we understand that variety is the spice of life, and to properly enjoy that variety, you need an appropriately diverse set of skills. The same lens won’t capture far-off action in crystal detail and take in a wide angle panorama to leave you breathless. That’s why we offer a set of different lenses, so you can equip the right lens for the occasion – no matter what the occasion.


Struman lenses are simple to use. Just screw the lens into the universal adapter, and clip the adapter to your mobile device. The easy, intuitive setup means you won’t waste time preparing your camera while an animal bounds away, and lets you take all the lenses you need with you in your pocket, because you never know when you’ll come across the perfect subject.


The lenses are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants high-quality photographs without having to shell out thousands on bulky, hard-to-use equipment. The universal adapter really is universal, clipping to any mobile devise with ease, and greatly enhancing the functions of your built-in camera. Instead of reading through long manuals to practice your technical ability, Struman lenses deliver immediate results and are ready to use straight out of the box.


That’s not to say that they’re just for beginners. Struman lenses are premium quality, with the Pro Series lenses capable of taking professional-grade shots from a standard smartphone camera. Made from high-end optical glass with our own Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating, the Pro Series lenses let you take spectacular photos with the camera you already take everywhere.

Whats it all about?


Ever heard the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’? The idea is simple – that even when something or someone is a good all-rounder, it lacks the focus to truly excel in a specialised field. The price for a balanced spread is this failure to attain a really exceptional level of quality in a particular area.


Even as the cameras in our smartphones and mobile devices are constantly improving, they remain limited by this design philosophy. Your typical smartphone camera can do a lot of things very well – portraits, close-ups, landscapes, selfies – you name it. But it doesn’t reach a professional standard when it comes to any of those tasks. To take superior photos, you require specialised, dedicated equipment.


But that doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line digital camera. Most of the difference is in the lens, which is why Struman Advanced Optics offers a premium range of smartphone lenses to transform your phone camera into a high-quality device able to take shots like a pro. Struman understands the power of specialisation, and that’s why we don’t pretend that one lens can do everything. With our selection of lenses, you can choose the right tool for the job, any time.


All our lenses attach easily to any smartphone or mobile camera via our convenient universal adapter. Photograph faraway scenes in perfect detail with the 14x optical zoom in our telephoto lens, ideal for concerts and sporting events, or add an artsy dimension to your action shots and selfies with the spherical effects of the fisheye lens! With the HD macro lens, you can resolve the finest of details, from the cut of a gem to the petal of a flower, while the wide angle lens captures breathtaking panoramas and group photos. Pick the right lens with Struman, then take the photos you’ve always wanted to.