Your Memories Captured

Photography has changed the way we interact with the past, with our memories. We no longer preserve events through hazy, half-remembered snippets, mutated by being recalled over and over again. Instead, we anchor our associations to lasting images, captured by a camera. The way we remember a person, landscape or event hinges on the way we photograph it. In time, we tie almost everything about the memory to the image – the curve of a smile, the touch of sunlight over a hilltop, the energy of a crowd.

That’s why it’s important for a photograph to truly capture the depth of the subject. These days, we’re seeing an increasing divide between smartphone photography and professional photography. On the one hand, a large proportion of the world’s population carries high-quality cameras in their pockets. On the other hand, the various lenses and equipment that are used to capture all the different facets of a subject are often bulky and expensive. Many consumers believe they must make a choice between convenience and excellence.

At Struman, we believe that it’s possible to have both. Our ProSeries HD photo extension kit contains three professional-quality lenses: macro, wide angle and fisheye, for a range of effects and purposes. Each lens is made from high-grade optical glass, and coated with our own Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration finish. The kit fits in your pocket, and each lens clips onto your mobile device easily via our universal adapter. The result is that you can choose the right instrument for any situation without having to lug around a bulky camera, and take the perfect shot to encapsulate your memory of a precious moment. So whether it’s a magnificent sunset or your oldest friend, with Struman you can ensure that the spirit of the moment will live on in your photography.