Starting new Traditions

Miniaturisation is a key element of technological progress. As we advance, our processors become smaller and the amount of information that we can store in a given physical volume drastically increases. In photography, the advent of the digital camera was a tremendous leap in making cameras more portable, usable and convenient. Charge-coupled devices, or CCDs, allow high-quality cameras to fit in every smartphone or tablet.

But unlike computers, cameras face an additional obstacle in the course of miniaturisation. The physics behind the science of optics dictates that the size of a lens affects how much light a camera can take in and what it can do with it. If the lens is too small, then the camera becomes limited in all sorts of ways, from chromatic aberration to lower resolution. That’s why many professional cameras remain bulky, in spite of the powerful and portable technology we have available.

At Struman, we realise that even though a professional-quality lens won’t fit inside a phone, that doesn’t mean it won’t work with a phone camera. We offer a range of professional-grade lenses for a variety of purposes, including telephoto, fisheye, wide angle and macro. Struman lenses are designed to take advantage of the power and convenience of your smartphone camera, attaching to any mobile device via the simple and intuitive universal adapter. Just clip the adapter to your phone and attach the desired lens, and you can take photographs like a pro.

Struman lenses are perfect for anyone who shares our belief that photographic power and quality don’t need to come at the cost of convenience. By combining advanced optical technology with smartphone-era computing, you can carry everything you need to take professional-grade snaps in your pocket. So no matter where you travel or what you do, you’ll always be able to preserve your experiences in perfect clarity.