Building on History

It’s been surmised that the discipline of optics is among the greatest and most important human inventions and developments in the history of civilisation. Just by manipulating glass, we’ve been able to see tiny microbes and faraway stars. Optics has liberated us from our normal scale of existence, allowing us to investigate the building blocks of life and the motion of the heavenly bodies. And through photography, we can preserve those discoveries, capturing images of everything around us, from the worms in the soil at our feet to the stars that wheel above our heads.

Struman lenses continue in that tradition, endowing your smartphone camera with the power to explore the universe at the largest and smallest scales. The telephoto lens adds 14x optical zoom to your phone camera, so you can photograph the vibration of a guitar string at a rock concert or the feathers on a bird of prey. With the telephoto lens, you’re no longer restricted to taking photos of things nearby; instead, you can snap far-off events and sights even more easily than using a selfie stick.

The HD macro lens does the reverse, showing you pinpoint detail in the tiniest objects. From the weave of a fabric to the grain of a pebble, the Struman macro lens has such high quality that it’s used in the medical industry to check skin for spots and moles. When you want to take photographs as close as you can to the resolution of the universe, the macro lens gives you what you need without making you lug around complicated equipment.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest advantages of Struman lenses. Both the telephoto lens and the macro lens can easily fit in your pocket, attaching to your smartphone via an intuitive universal adapter. Say goodbye to bulky camera bags, and hello to taking professional-quality photos as the highest level of detail on your smartphone.