World of Wonderful Surprises

It's impossible to predict when the most amazing things will happen. When you'll see a spectacular sky scape, or a stunning flower, or even just run into a celebrity on the street. Sometimes you're having an ordinary day, and then you see some street art that brightens your whole mood. Or maybe you're travelling and you run into a festival that you didn't know existed. Whatever your circumstances, the world is full of wonderful surprises - and it pays to be prepared to capture those unexpected blessings whenever they occur.

At Struman, we understand that you don't want to lug a big camera everywhere you go in case something comes up. But you don't want to let that chance go to waste when you could have a snap of something gorgeous on your phone, and everyone carries their phones with them anyway. So what if you could turn your phone camera into a device that could really preserve the experience?

With Struman, you can. The macro lens, with its eye for detail, can help you photograph the intricate beauty of that flower. The fisheye lens lets you get that street art and see it from a new perspective. The wide angle lens helps you channel the vastness of the earth and the sky in your photography, while the telephoto lens with its optical zoom lets you snap that famous person from across the street before they disappear around the corner. All these lenses just take seconds to attach - and the memories they help you preserve can last for a lifetime.