Wonders of Macro

No photographer worth their camera would intentionally take a photo out of focus, unless it were a deliberate artistic purpose. However, people take photos all the time where the subject isn't exactly out of focus, but nonetheless remains somewhat blurry and unresolved. Why? It's because standard lenses used in smartphone cameras and other mobile devices aren't capable of fully resolving fine details. The result is that textures and patterns are glossed over, and the photograph is unable to preserve the intricacy and complexity of the subject. It's a shame, because the lack of resolution means that you can't capture the weave of material or the surface of a leaf with the fidelity that makes you realise just how breathtakingly complicated such objects are.

Struman Optics has a solution to this common problem. Our Macro lens is perfect for taking close-up shots in stunning detail, allowing you to see every pore of skin, every grain of sand, every fibre of cloth. We understand that it's the details that really complete the picture, and we want to make sure that you never miss out on the details.

The Macro lens attaches easily to any mobile device or phone via our convenient universal adapter, so you can switch between ordinary photos and stunning close-ups in a matter of seconds. With the lens attached, the resolution of your camera is boosted drastically, helping you capture the extraordinary designs and patterns the occur at the smallest of scales both in the natural and artificial worlds.