Use the camera in your pocket

So much of our photography is phone photography these days. From selfies to travel pics to food photography, everyone has a camera in their pocket. But if you want to really shine on Instagram, really show off with your new profile pic on Facebook, then it's worth investing in a little bit of extra equipment. That's not to say that you should get a dedicated camera - those things are expensive, bulky, and complicated. But to make your phone camera more versatile and capable of taking better-quality photos, you can get a lens kit from Struman Optics.

All lenses from Struman Optics are easy to use, attaching to any smartphone or mobile device in seconds via the convenient clip-on universal adapter. And a range of lenses ensures that you'll always have the perfect tool for any situation. From the macro lens for detailed close-ups of flowers and food to the wide-angle lens for those amazing travel vistas, Struman lenses enhance your photography experience and let you capture the wonder of the visual world. With 14x optical zoom, the telephoto lens is ideal for long-distance photography, whether you're travelling or at a concert. And the fish eye lens lets you apply unique spherical effects to your photography, for an edge that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your image, Struman will invigorate your photos and your social media presence, helping your phone camera reach its full potential in the age of phone photography.