The Thin Line Between Science and Magic

Optics has always existed on the thin line between science and magic. Sure, it's science. It operates according to strict physical laws, and is a deeply rigorous field. But there's always been something mystical about it. Whether it's stage magic, using smoke and mirrors and tricks of the light, or the rainbow as an esoteric and arcane symbol, the connection resonates throughout history. Isaac Newton, renowned for his work on splitting light into the spectrum, was deeply involved in alchemy and mysticism. The seven colours of the spectrum are just an arbitrary division, because Newton believed that seven was a powerful, significant number. Even in modern science, light and optics has some truly strange and wondrous dimensions. Relativity and quantum physics show that light can be both a wave and a particle, that the speed of light is the universal speed limit, that time stops at the speed of light. The way light behaves says more about space and time than even Newton could have ever imagined.

Struman Optics understands the connection between optics and magic. We want to help you bring out the magic in the photos you take on your smartphone. Each of our lenses is designed to help you see the world in a different way. There's the intense detail of the macro lens, the eye-opening scope of the wide angle lens, the far-seeing vision of the telephoto lens and the mind-bending effects of the fish eye lens. Each puts its own spin on things, making photography that little bit more enchanting.