The Smallest Scale

Perfection is a matter of the finest details. If you want to truly appreciate the elegance and perfection of a specimen, you need to be able to see it at the finest details - the texture of a membrane, the weave of a fabric, the grain of timber. For these and other purposes, the Struman macro lens is the perfect tool for the task. Rather than investing in a new camera, or even a special photography camera, all Struman lenses clip on easily to your smartphone or other mobile device via the convenient and versatile universal adapter. The macro lens is used by medical professionals to inspect skin for spots, while those in other industries use it to examine coins, gems, and insects.

The flip side of perfection in the details is that imperfection is also there - and while perfection has its virtue, imperfection has a charm and beauty all of its own. The macro lens gives you insight into the tiny blemishes and asymmetries that earmark the subject as a child of the natural world, whether it's the intricate and chaotic patterns of a swirl of sand or the unique markings on a flower. Imperfection is the mark of individuality and innovation, it's what makes everything under the sun unique.

Whether you want to showcase total achievement of a perfect form, or the creative expression of something that goes against the norm, the macro lens lets you do that on the smallest scale, letting you demonstrate the greatest wonders.