The Power of a Hawk's Eye

It's not uncommon for people to bring binoculars to concerts, sports games and other events. After all, it's a huge crowd, and you're often pretty far away from where the action is happening. Sure, you could rely on the massive screens, but sometimes you want to see things for yourself. It makes sense to bring something that can help you see what's going on far away. The problem is that the human memory isn't perfect. Unless we photograph what we see, our memories fade and corrupt over time. Studies show that our long term memories are mostly, if not entirely, memories of memories. Things in our minds change to resemble how we think they happened.

Now most people take most of their photos on their phones these days, but smartphones aren't that good at taking detailed shots of faraway things. And you can't just hold a smartphone up to a pair of binoculars (and not just because binoculars are, as the name suggests, meant for two eyes and not one lens). So how can you preserve the images of those far-off things you brought binoculars for?

It's easy with Struman's telephoto lens. With 14x optical zoom and easy attachment via the clip-on universal adapter, the telephoto lens gives your smartphone the power of a hawk's eye. You can take snaps of people and events from the back row of the stadium, so that the memory of the winning goal or the time you saw your favourite band stays with you forever.

Sometimes these shots are hard to take because when you're working with 14x zoom, a little change in angle means that you're looking at something completely different. That's why you can also get a special tripod to work with the telephoto lens. Struman has you covered so you can always take the photos you want.