The days of the Selfie Stick

Ah, the old selfie stick - perhaps the most divisive accessory of the decade. Bemoaned by many as a tool of vanity, as an obstruction, as something pointless and ugly and yet - the question remains, for all the haters: why can't you just let people have their fun? Short of selfie-stick related deaths, such as accidentally knocking people off cliffs while hiking or poking someone's eye out, those who use selfie sticks do the rest of us little enough harm. And to anyone involved in phone photography, it's understandable to want to get a little more distance and perspective, perhaps a wider field of vision than you're typically capable of with a smartphone camera.

But there are other ways to do this without a selfie stick, and these tools are often more portable and more versatile. For instance, take Struman Optics' wide angle lens. It's almost as good as a selfie stick for selfies, and much better for group photos and brilliant landscape shots. And apart from the wide angle lens, Struman has many other lenses that can also take great shots and create great effects. Like the macro lens, perfect for detailed close ups that capture texture, or the fish eye lens, with innovative spherical effects that help remind you that you're standing on a giant sphere (no matter what the conspiracy theorists think). Each of these lenses screws into the simple, easy-to-use universal adapter, which clips onto your smartphone in seconds for fantastic convenience.