The Best Approach

Different people have different approaches to life and work. Some of us prefer to get a general idea of what's going on overall, what's happening at the larger scales. You know, the big picture approach, understanding how things fit together and where a plan or a project will go in the long term. These are the sorts of people who focus on the whole instead of the parts. Maybe they have the great vision and ideal, and figure that the little things can take care of themselves.

Others prefer to focus on the details. They want to understand things at the finest level, get an idea of what it's really like on the ground. Maybe they're not the most aware of how everything comes together, but they can handle minutiae like no one else, and they have an invaluable understanding of the tiny parts and processes that make things tick.

On any successful team, you need both sorts of people, and for any successful photographic project, you need lenses that can handle both the big picture and the fine details. That's why Struman Optics HD ProSeries lenses packages our Wide Angle lens together with our Macro lens. The Wide Angle lens gives you the ability to take great landscape shots and group photos to really get a sense of proportion, while the Macro lens is perfect for capturing textures in crystal-clear resolution, preserving everything you photography in perfect details. With the combination of the two, your photography will be able to cover a huge range of subjects, from the giant to the tiny.