Take in Light in Different Ways

The different styles of cinematography and photography we see in media are an excellent example of the diversity of expression that it's possible to capture through photography. On a standard smartphone, there are already a dazzling array of modes and filters to explore this variety and help customise the pictures that you take. However, these filters are only applied after you take the picture - they're all working with the same kind of source material. To truly explore the possibilities when it comes to phone photography, it's worth experimenting with different lenses, to take in light in different ways.

Struman Optics has a range of lenses that allow you to try out different expressions through photography even before filters come into play. There's the wide angle lens, for panoramas, group photos and landscape shots. There's the macro lens, for incredibly detailed close-ups and textures, displaying the patterns in the natural and artificial worlds. There's the telephoto lens, with 14x optical zoom, allowing you to take great photos from a long distance - it's perfect for travel or for events like concerts or sports games. And there's the fish eye lens, curving light for a cool twist on the way you see the world.

All of these lenses can easily attach to a phone via the convenient universal adapter. Just screw the lens into the adapter and clip the adapter on to your phone. Then you're ready to take photos like you've never taken them before with Struman.