Surpass limitations

Photography is unique as an art form. Unlike earlier art forms where there was an original, the photograph is infinitely reproducible. In his landmark essay 'The Work of Art in the Age of Technological Reproducibility', the philosopher Walter Benjamin outlined the ways in which reproducible art forms like photography and film change the nature of art itself.

This was in the 1920s, and artistic photography has changed a great deal since the time Benjamin was writing. In Benjamin's day, all photography was in black and white, and photography equipment was large and bulky. These days, most photographs are taken on mobile phones, yet people continue to use non-phone cameras for artistic purposes, due to the perceived limitations of camera phones.

With Struman technology, you can surpass those limitations. Just clip the universal adapter onto your mobile device and attach the lens of your choice for enhanced quality, customising your phone camera for whatever kind of pictures you want to take.

Looking to explore the world in detail and take eye-opening close-ups? Struman's macro lens will let you see textures right down to the pores, grains and fibres that make up the world at the fundamental level. Or use the wide angle lens to broaden your perspective for majestic panoramas that allow you to capture the scope of your environment without switching from your mobile device. The telephoto lens is ideal for taking crisp, crystal-clear photographs of far-off subjects, an ability that's perfect for sporting events like the Australian Open or the Superbowl, shows and concerts, or even wildlife photography. Finally, the fisheye lens allows you to bend light and space to take innovative shots with unique spherical effects. With Struman lenses, you can explore photography as an art form without having to abandon the convenience of your smartphone.