Ripples of Raindrops under a Macro

Rain can be beautiful - the ripples of raindrops on the puddles, the glimmer of silvery, rain-slicked pavements, the misty aura that surrounds people. For the budding photography, rainy days present a perfect opportunity to captures a new dimension of the world. You can see how things look covered in water, lit by an overcast sky or even - if you're quick enough - the flash of lightning (although it's important to stay safe during a thunderstorm). The change in weather and the move away from summer towards autumn and winter is an exciting time for photographers.

But there's one big problem, which is that most professional cameras require two hands to operate, and that means there isn't much room to hold an umbrella. Unless you've got a whole kit with a tripod and an umbrella to shade you, taking photos in the rain means risking getting yourself or your equipment wet. At best, it's uncomfortable, at worse, you might suffer serious water damage to your camera.

At Struman Optics, however, we've got a solution that lets you hold an umbrella in one hand and take professional-quality photographs in the other. Just use your standard phone camera - enhanced with one of our lenses. All our lenses attach easily via the clip-on universal adapter, and include a range of features, from fish eye lenses that show the world curving like the surface of a raindrop to the macro lens that lets you capture those raindrops up close.