Photography Trends of Today

In 2018, more photos than ever are taken on smartphones and tablets instead of on dedicated cameras. Entire social media platforms and apps are built up around this assumption. We have Instagram and Snapchat. Selfie sticks are designed to hold phones, not cameras. Most of the time in the present day when someone takes a photo, it's using their phone camera. Nonetheless, so many accessories and tools designed for photography fail to take that into account.

At Struman Optics, we believe it's time to change that. We understand that this is the age of the mobile. It's the age of convenience, of technology in your pocket. And so we're not building accessories and lenses for fancy cameras. We're building them for your phone, your tablet, the camera that you always have wherever you go because you take your phone with you wherever you go.

All Struman lenses attach to your smartphone or mobile device easily. Just screw in the lens you choose into the one-size fits all universal adapter, and clip the adapter on to your device. Then you're ready to go. It's as simple as that. Telephoto, macro, wide angle, fish eye. Whatever you choose, it's yours. No fancy settings, no expensive, bulky cameras. Our tripods, meant to work with the 14x optical zoom of the telephoto prime lens, are sized for phones, not for cameras. We know how you work. We know what year it is. Being a photographer isn't about having all the latest toys. It's about having a phone and a vision. Struman knows the camera you're really using. And we want to make that vision come true.