Make use of the camera in your pocket

Smartphones are capable of so much. They're much more versatile than even the communicators that appeared on Star Trek, able to not only communicate but to research information, allow you to play games, navigate in unfamiliar territory and of course take photographs. It's possible survive in a strange city with little more than a smartphone these days. But there's a persistent trend of them being viewed as a sort of jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing. The idea is that sure, a phone can run games, but they won't be good games. A phone can take photographs, but if you really want to take good shots at a professional level, you should get a dedicated camera.

In reality, this is a misconception. Your average smartphone camera is more than powerful enough to take top-quality photographs. As technology has become smaller and smaller, it's easy to pack all of the data processing and storage into a pocket-sized device that can also fulfil a whole range of functions. The only truly limiting factor on most mobile devices is the lens size, and that's because of physical constraints.

But the need for a bigger lens is no reason to get a whole new camera. That's just throwing the baby out with the bathwater, when you've already got a perfectly good camera on your phone. At Struman Optics, we have the perfect solution - specialised lenses that attach to your phone via one of our cases or our universal adapter, so that you can instantly transform your phone into a professional-quality camera without the expense and inconvenience of new photography equipment.