Lenses for all Occasions

Struman offers a selection of lenses because we understand that you need the right lens for the right shot. This week, we’ve got a bunch of suggestions to help you get the most out of our lenses and to explore the situations where each lens really stands out.

The telephoto lens excels at taking high-quality photographs from a distance, which makes it ideal for capturing the action from the back row. If you’re going to a concert, you can use the telephoto lens to take unique pictures of your favourite band – photos that will forever be tied to your own experience of the event. It’s also excellent for sporting events, where even from way up in the crowd you can take snaps of the action as if you’re standing of the field. Travelling is another situation where the telephoto lens stands out. With the telephoto lens, you can resolve intricate architectural details on the top of elegant spires and towers even when you’re standing on the ground. You can also get great shots of wildlife without having to get close and risk scaring animals away.

The fisheye lens really shines in the hands of the creative photographer. With the unconventional spherical effects it creates, a lateral thinker can use it to show their unique, personal vision of the world, and share that vision with others. Whether you’re bending the straight lines of street corners or the distant horizon, the fisheye lens adds a distinctive touch to any photograph. Action shots can feel more centred and in motion, and selfies and portraits stand out because of the fisheye effects. Another fantastic use of the fisheye lens is for 180-degree shots of your surroundings – put the things that are normally on the edges of our experience front and centre.