Go the Distance

The telescope has become a symbol for discovery and the power of science and the human mind ever since it was first invented by the scientist Galileo Galilei centuries ago. It has been used to see distant objects in a huge range of situations, from enemy scouts on the battlefield to distant stars, planets and even galaxies. It represents the brilliance of civilisation and the ingenuity of a species that has set its sights on the heavens and set its footprints on the moon. And it's also a useful tool for the photographer, since for anyone who deals in taking snaps of their surroundings, it sure helps to be able to see far into the distance.

The telephoto prime lens, by Struman optics, lets you tap into the power of a telescope using your smartphone camera. Without lugging around a bulky attachment, the optical prime lens gives your smartphone camera 14x optical zoom without sacrificing portability or convenience. It's perfect for travel, whether you want to photograph a rare bird or a famous mountaintop, and if you go to a game or a show you can get shots of your favourite stars in the middle of the action. With the telephoto lens, you can put yourself in the centre of things even if you're standing on the fringes, and preserve what's going on forever with the power of your smartphone camera, aided by the technology of Struman Optics for crystal-clear pictures up close and personal.