Go Bigger

Tunnel vision – the condition of having no peripheral vision – is a serious visual impairment. We live our lives constantly aware at what goes on at the fringes of our vision, and using this awareness to fill in the blanks about our surroundings. Thanks to our peripheral vision, we can avoid danger and get a sense of the atmosphere of events.

However, a lot of photography goes and cuts that out, effectively cropping everything beyond the centre of the shot out of the frame. This loss can impact on how we preserve our experiences. How do you properly instil a sense of the vastness of a landscape if it doesn’t feel like it stretches from side to side. Panoramas exist, true, and they can be taken on a smartphone or other device, but doing so is tricky and still often misses something.

Struman lenses offer a better solution with the wide angle lens. The wide angle lens, as the name suggests, takes a much wider angle for its field of vision, which is perfect not just for landscapes, but for location shots and large-scale group photography. Through the universal adapter, the wide angle lens can easily attach to your smartphone, allowing you to take a more realistic panorama with a much broader scope. The convenience of the lens and adapter means that you can take it on or off at will, letting you switch between portrait shots and sweeping panoramas in seconds, helping you get the most out of your phone camera and get a diverse collection of photographs.