Get the Group Photo You Always Wanted

Do you have a huge extended family, a large group of friends, or a team of coworkers that you find won't fit in the frame of your normal group photos? Where no matter how long your selfie stick is, everyone has to squish up way too close and end up invading each other's personal space? The standard solution is get someone else to take the photo, or hire a professional photographer. But that's such a lot of hassle, especially in an age where you're used to doing everything with the comfort and convenience of your own smartphone or mobile device. If only there were a way to fit more into the shot.

With the Struman Optics wide angle lens, your troubles are over. Just screw the lens into the convenient universal adapter, clip the adapter over your phone camera, and you're ready to go. The extra scope means that the wide angle lens is perfect for group shots, but it also has plenty of other uses. It's ideal for location shots, with professional real estate photographers using it to capture the properties they auction. And if you want to get a glimpse of the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and preserve it forever on your phone, you can also use the wide angle lens for breathtaking landscapes that tap into the sublime power and vastness of the world in which we live. Struman believes that you shouldn't have to shell out for a pricey camera to get precious memories. You just need your phone, and a few good lenses.