Enhance your Vision

Different animals use different senses to perceive the world. Dogs, for instance, are renowned for their sense of smell. Deer have a keen sense of hearing that allows them to avoid stealthy predators. Snakes actually use their forked tongue to ‘taste’ their surroundings. Other animals use still more bizarre senses. Dolphins and some bats can use echolocation, which involves sending off a burst or click of sound and then mapping their surroundings from the way the soundwaves bounce back. Some fish are able to navigate through electromagnetic fields.

Humans, of course, rely on our vision (at least for the most part). But compared to some of the other animals that use the sense of sight to interact with the world, we have surprisingly bad eyesight. Eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey have powerful eyes that let them zoom in on the rustle of grass far below them so they can swoop in and grab prey like mice or shrews in their talons. Humans developed different ways to hunt, and so evolved in different directions. However, sight still remains our dominant sense – as evidenced by our interest in preserving images through photography.

Unfortunately, we don’t have eagle eyes, so our vision of faraway objects isn’t that great. And most cameras don’t have great capabilities for seeing over long distance either. But with Struman’s telephoto lens, you can give your smartphone camera the visual acuity of a raptor. Resolve distant scenes with crystal clear detail with the 14x optical zoom of the telephoto lens, without compromising your photography with distortion or loss of quality. Whether you want it for travelling, concerts or actual birdwatching, Struman lenses can help you capture your prey – and by ‘prey’, we mean the perfect photograph.