Don't miss your shot

"So close, yet so far away". So goes the old saying, and frankly, it's amazing how much and how little a small amount of distance can be. You can be just around the corner from someone and never know that they're there, or across the street and unable to say hello. It's easy to get trapped in a spiral of thinking about what could have been if you had taken a different turn, said hello to a different person - like in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors. And the problem is there for photographers at well. So often you'll almost get the perfect shot, only to have it spoiled by being a little too far away, and having the image quality ruined by the distortion effects accompanying digital zoom. It's even more bitter in the days of smartphone photography, when you can see something brilliant, take out your smartphone and snap it, but not quite get a good enough shot.

Fortunately for you, there's the Struman Prime Lens, with 14x optical zoom. Because the Prime Lens uses optical zoom technology, it doesn't suffer from many of the drawbacks that come with the more artificial digital zoom technology. The telephoto Prime Lens lets you get great shots from far away without any loss of image quality, making it perfect for concerts, sporting events, hiking and travel. You can use the lens to really take advantage of situations that you'd otherwise miss out on and close the distance between you and your dream photo.