Devil in the Details

People say that the devil is in the details, but they don’t talk enough about just how beautiful the details are. The intricate, minute details of the natural world are an abundant source of wonder – just ask anyone who’s ever looked at an insect, leaf or flower under a magnifying glass. The dazzling mosaic formed by individual grains of sand, the sparkle of a gem, the texture of feathers, skin, or scales. Over the past two decades, the resolution of our televisions, phones, and computer screens has grown rapidly – in part because people seek to capture the depth of the world on their screens, and want to be able to preserve the microscopic glamour of nature.

At the same time, our photographic equipment has also advanced in leaps and bounds, with extremely powerful cameras now being included in standard-issue smartphones. However, these cameras don’t have the necessary lenses to make full use of their ability to resolve details. That’s where the Struman macro lens comes in.

The macro lens attaches easily to your smartphone or other device via a clip-on universal adapter, and lets you take snaps on your phone that expose the brilliance of nature at the tiniest of scales. With Struman’s technology, your device achieves the power of a magnifying glass, expanding the microcosm of an anthill to the city that it really is. Be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, the macro lens lets you photograph your subject in perfect detail. Because we know that you don’t want to overlook the little things.