Capture the Performance

There's a special thrill in proximity. As humans, we like being close to the things we admire, whether those are celebrities or natural wonders. From rock stars and actors to rock formations and waterfalls, we get a kick out of the knowledge that we were there, right there, in the same room/stadium/couple of square kilometres as whatever we think is awesome. That's why we like to take our own photos, even when we know there are probably better ones taken with more complicated equipment out there. We want a snap that we took, because it's ours.

Of course, the problem is that the back of a stadium isn't exactly close enough to take a good photo - especially if you're just equipped with a standard smartphone camera. That canyon might look super impressive, but it's hard to get a sense of scale using your little phone camera. At Struman Optics, we have two lenses that can help you turn your photographs into a visually powerful record as well as a personal keepsake.

The first is the telephoto lens. With 14x optical zoom, the telephoto lens converts your phone into a high-powered camera capable of taking in-focus, detailed shots of faraway objects. Whether it's your favourite band or a rare bird, the telephoto lens lets you get a little bit closer to whatever you adore. The second is the wide angle lens. Ideal for panoramas and landscapes, the wide angle lens gives a huge boost to the traveller who wants to capture the vastness of nature in their photographs. With these two lenses, you're perfectly equipped to preserve the memories of your most special experiences.