Bring your Subject Closer

The way something looks at a distance can be vastly different from the way it looks up close. All sorts of optical illusions are based on this simple fact, but it's about much more than optical illusions. It's about how our eyes and our brains process what we see. Whether we focus on details or the big picture. There are all sorts of complex psychological phenomena that are influenced by whether something's part of the foreground or part of the background - which is why when it comes to photography, it's important to properly foreground the things you want to foreground.

Unfortunately, that's not always as easy as it sounds when your subject is a long way off. Phone cameras have digital zoom effects, but digital zoom has all sorts of problems. It leads to poorer image quality and graininess, and it has limitations that mean that you're not going to be able to get the shot you want if you're out of range. Struman Optics knows this problems, and understands why you want to use optical zoom instead - but it's harder to just change your lens with a phone like you can with a camera.

That's why we developed the telephoto prime lens. With 14x the Prime Lens and a screw-in, clip-on adapter, you can take long-distance photos using the portability and convenience of your smartphone. The telephoto prime lens lets you get shots as if you were right up close and personal, helping you really end up with memories that you'll treasure forever.