Breaking the Limitations of your Smartphone

Photography is increasingly shifting to the realm of the smartphone. Newer phones boast ever-increasing camera capabilities, with gigantic billboards displaying dazzling images taken with the model of phone in question. For many consumers, the phone camera is a crucial factor in deciding which phone to purchase. However, what many people fail to realise is that they're not harnessing the full potential of their phone camera.

The key limitation of a phone camera is that it has to rely on a small, general-purpose lens, and the lens has to fit in with everything else about the phone. But - as any experienced photographer will tell you - lens design and lens quality is vital to photography. If only there were some way to give your smartphone camera a professional-quality lens.

With Struman Optics, there finally is. Our ProSeries HD selection of lenses fits in a sturdy yet convenient pocket-sized travel case, and can dramatically enhance the power of your phone camera. Depending on the shot you want to take, you can choose between a wide angle lens for group photos and majestic panoramas, a fish eye lens for cool effects and innovative street photography, or a macro lens capable of resolve minute and intricate details like the membranes of a leaf or the lustre of a jewel. All of our lenses are made with top quality optical glass, coated in Struman's own Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration finish.

The best part is that these lenses allow you to amplify the ability of your own phone camera, attaching easily via our clip on universal adapter. You don't need to worry about getting a whole new camera or device, and you don't need to lug around bulky equipment. With your smartphone in one pocket and your lens case in the other, you have all you need to take photos like a pro.