Balance the Digital and Analogue

Part of what's so good about digital photography is that your camera has all sorts of inbuilt tools to change and enhance the quality of your pictures. From removing red eye to digital zoom to different colour and brightness adjustments, there's so much you can do on a digital camera. Back in the days of film, most of this was outside the realm of everyone without special effects equipment, and now most of us have the technology we need to customise our photographs in all sorts of ways in our pockets all the time. The integration of digital cameras into smartphones and other mobile devices really has ushered in a new era of photography.

But even while we take advantage of the many benefits of digital photography, it's important to remember the power and usefulness of analogue effects. At its heart, the camera is an optical device, and one of the best ways to give your photographs the quality that you want is to customise the lens that you use. Struman Optics provides a range of lenses suitable for use with your smartphone, clipping on via the universal adapter and giving you all sorts of effects. For example the optical zoom provided by our telephoto prime lens allows you to zoom an image for up to 14x magnification, without the drawbacks that often come as a result of digital zoom (like quality loss and chromatic aberration). Our wide-angle lens focuses on breadth instead, expanding your image to take in amazing landscapes and group shots. Whatever you want, Struman has the lens for you, uniting digital smartphone technology with analogue optical ingenuity.