A different Perspective

Creativity depends on seeing the world differently from everyone else. Looking at things from a new angle, finding a novel perspective that allows you to innovate and break new ground. For any creative artist, the strength of your art hinges on allowing your unique vision to shine through your work, so you can show your audience how you see things and let them look through your eyes to gain new insights.

That’s why Struman’s fisheye lens is perfect for finding that revolutionary, never-before-seen approach to give your photography the special something that sets it apart from the pack. The fisheye lens lets you bend light and capture your surroundings in ways that an ordinary lens just can’t, allowing you to unlock the potential of your smartphone camera. Just clip on Struman’s universal adapter and screw in the fisheye lens, and your phone camera will be able to do things that it never could before. The spherical effects give your phone a creative edge, letting your photography explore the environment from a new direction.

Use the fisheye lens to capture the hidden spirit of a city, as buildings twist and warp to reveal a new realm. Or discover a connection with the curvature of the Earth as your photos gain new depth and texture. However you choose to use it, Struman’s fisheye lens is the tool of choice for anyone who wants to delve into artistic photography using a camera that fits in their pocket. It’s the ideal marriage of elegance and convenience.